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The Audio Refinement Multi-2 amplifier

High power, high-current amplification is essential to create today's cinematic experience, especially when using low to moderate efficiency speaker designs. The Multi-2 delivers awesome control and punch without sacrificing delicacy and musical articulation. Constructed of non-ferrous cabinet materials, extensive vibration control, low thermal operating range and high current Mos-Fet semiconductor outputs, this amplifier offers the two-channel music lover a building block approach to the multi-channel 5.1 film experience by adding our three-channel amplifier in the future.

The Audio Refinement remote control, concieved with the Complete series, also suits this electronic which can work with every product of the Complete (such as the CD player or the tuner) and Multi series.

The Audio Refinement Multi-2 amplifier has several characteristics :

  • Most of the components used in the Complete are hand soldered directly onto the circuit board to ensure the highest quality
  • Only non-magnetic materials are used throughout the whole design.
    The front faceplate is a 8 mm thick brushed aluminium machined to perfection using a CNC machine.
    The top cover is a 2 mm thick non-magnetic aluminium available in black.
  • All capacitors used in the Complete are of extremely high quality. The output terminals, AC socket, internal wires, external AC cord, and fuses used are original parts from YBA.
  • The feet used are non-magnetic aluminium with a special rubber material for damping (a ceramic material is available as an option).
  • The transformer used in the amplifier is specially designed and a rubber damping material isolates its vibrations from other circuitry.
Great care is taken in the design and manufacturing process to ensure tremendous reliability for the Complete. The use of extremely high quality components with special regard to heat dissipation guarantees longevity.
Technical specifications
Bandwidth : 10 Hz - 60 kHz +/- 3 dB
Distorsion : < 0,05 %
Signal to noise ratio : > 90 dB
Output power : 125 W x 2 /8 Ohms
Consumption : 350 W
Dimensions : 442 x 320 x 105 mm
Weight : 10.8 kg
Warranty : 12 months